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Throughout past 15 years I have lived and worked in different countries including Estonia, Finland, Egypt and UK.

Among the treaments in a Studio I offer:




Classic manicure

Spa manicure

French manicure 

Gel polish manicure/Shellac

Nail Art

Paraffin treatment for hands

Spa masks & wraps for hands

Gel/Acrylic nails extension

Gel/Acrylic nail wrap & overlay

Nail repaire

File & Polish (regularvarnish /Shellac)

Hand Massage




Classic pedicure

Spa pedicure

French pedicure

Gel polish pedicure/Shellac

Nail Art

Paraffin treatment for feet

Spa masks & wraps for feet

Gel/Acrylic toenails wrap & overlay

Ingrown nail & nail repaire

File & Polish ( regular varnish/Shellac)

Feet massage




I believe that any knowledge we receive we should share, therefore from the deep experience that I have gained, I have designed my own educational programs for nail therapists which I teach individually or in groups.




Manicure Basic Course

Pedicure Basic Course

Manicure & Pedicure Skill Enhancement Course

Gel/Acrylic Nail Extension Course

Nail Art Basic Course

Nail Art Advanced Course

Competition Nail Extension 

Master classes and Seminars




Lately I have started to provide most of the trainings to the companies that hire me as a Coach to improve the technical skills of their staff. I specify those training programs for companies ( Spa Salons or Nail Studios) depending on their individual requirements.



Four Seasons Westcliff Hotel

Training, The Four Seasons Hotel, SA. 2015

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