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Using knowledge causes no damage!

Nowadays more and more people willing to cover their nails with gel polish . It can be Shellac from CND , OPI or IBD gel colour, Glamlac gel polish , Gelish etc-you name it!

Reasons are clear: it lasts up to 2 weeks( some lucky ones could keep it for three) , it keeps perfect mirror shine , it is solid dry straight after the treatment . Despite the fact that the actual purpose of this product is in it's name ( gel POLISH) many people still have various misunderstandings and mix it up with structure gel.

So first of all : it is a Polish and has to be taken adequately . It can't fix your broken nail, it mustn't last for 3-4-5 weeks. It has been created as an alternative to regular varnishes and has particular characteristics which are developed on a base of regular polish to be advanced for our daily comfort . As any other polish( to look perfect ) it requires a perfect manicure to be done first. And here is the most essential point: nail plate has to be properly cleaned , cuticle gas to be pushed back and cut if needed, all grease and dust have to be removed from the nail .

Now, because it is advanced product that meant to last 2 weeks( quite long) it has to be applied on disinfected surface for the health and safety of the nail. Any time you apply gel polish your nails/ hands have to be manicured! Do not skip this part and ask just for "file & polish" - as it is for your own benefit ! Product is cured in the UV or LED lamp and is removed by soaking in a wrap with acetone that definitely causes extra dryness to a nail plate and skin around it. Therefore it is essential to use bail oil DAILY to balance the moisture . As it is there to be applied every 2 weeks( quite often) gel polish is created to be 100% dissolvable to avoid over buffing of the nail . It is not sculpting Gel or Acrylic that meant to stay on nails up to 4 weeks and it doesn't need such tough nail prep as for nail extension !

So if you are a customer - Don't let them over buff your nails ! If you are a professional - be sensible and use the product as it is prescribed ! Health and safety come first ,never forget that!

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